When is the appropriate time to start shopping for my wedding gown?
It is never too early to start looking for your special gown. Realistically a year to ten months before the big day is a great time to start! Dresses can take anywhere from four to six months to arrive and you need to plan on one to three months for alterations. So plan ahead and you won't be stressed.

Should I schedule an appointment to try on wedding gowns?
We LOVE to make shopping for your bridal gown an intimate experience. In order to make your time with us special we do require appointments. This ensures that we have an open fitting room and a bridal consultant available to work one on one with you and help you find your dream gown. While will try to help walk-ins the best we can, we are not able to guarantee an open fitting room or one of our fabulous consultants without an appointment.

Who should I bring with me to help find my dream gown?
We understand that shopping for your dress is a once in a lifetime experience and there are many people that you might want to share it with. In our experience shopping with a few key people will make finding your gown much more enjoyable. The more people you invite the more opinions you will receive and your opinions could get lost. Only bring a few key people who have your best interests at heart.

Is it normal to find my dress on my first visit?
When coming in for your first bridal appointment you may feel like you shouldn't say yes to a dress. In past brides have tried on their first dress and come back to it and find that it is their dress. Don't be afraid to say yes to the dress on your first shopping experience. If you try a dress on, cry, your party cries and you know it’s the perfect dress for you, just go with it! You will only confuse yourself going to multiple shops to try on dresses because you are too nervous to say yes or don't want the gown experience to end.

How long will I have for my appointment?
Every bride is different; at Belle Amour Bridal we reserve an hour and a half for your bridal gown shopping and an hour for bridesmaids. What should I bring with me for my appointment? Your consultant will be in the room assisting you in and out of gowns so wear something you are comfortable in. Bring a strapless bra, properly fit undergarments and spanx if you wish. A pair of shoes with the approximate height you plan on wearing on your wedding day just in case we need to order your gown to length. We do provide half-slips for the more modest bride. A hair tie or clip is nice to have also.

How much do gowns cost at Belle Amour?
Our gowns start at $800 and go up to $3,000. You should plan your budget out ahead of time so that you don't try on a gown that is completely out of your price range and fall in love.

Can I take pictures of the dresses I like?
Belle Amour has a policy of no pictures of the dresses until you have found your gown and made the purchase. This is because our designers have restrictions on us and we don't want to use up your appointment time taking pictures of gowns that are not the one. In our past experiences the pictures taken on camera phones and digital cameras do not do the gowns justice and will get in the way of the true process of finding your gown. Once you find your gown and the purchase is made, you make take all the pictures you please.

What is Belle Amour's policy on food and drink?
The gowns that are housed as samples are extremely valuable and that is why we have a strong no food or drink policy. Since we do sell off the rack and order we don't want to risk getting any gown dirty. Please inquire if you would like to bring champagne to your appointment and we will do our best to accommodate.

How do I pay for my gown?
We accept cash, check and debit/credit cards. On bridal gowns we require half down to order and the remainder paid in full in 90 days or when the gown comes in, whichever comes first. We require payment in full on all bridesmaids’ gowns before ordering.